Motivational Speaking/Life Coaching:

Ms. Washington-Shinn is available as a motivational speaker and Life Coaching sessions for a variety of audiences and addresses multiple topics of concern.  These include speeches for non-profits, churches and community organizations; government agencies; and directly to the youth and families in need of inspiration, development and training

Community/Neighborhood Coaching:

Provide effective approaches to build capacity for neighborhood improvement organizations.  Help community and neighborhood organizations, both non-profit and local government, learn to “think outside of the box” with regards to methods for building a base of clients and support.

Youth Life Skills Training, Parenting 101 Training, Fatherhood Training:
Providing a humanistic approach to changing the behavior patterns, values, interpretation of events, and life outlook of individuals who are not adjusting well to their environment(s) at home, at school, at work, or in the community. 

Teen “Safe Haven” Designs and Development:
Provide plans for how to create, build, or remodel extra rooms or buildings available in the neighborhood into safe locations available to youth after school or during the weekend for programs focused on education, entrepreneurial skills, and just plain having fun and building healthy relationships.

Outreach Training:
Provide training on how to conduct effective outreach within the target community through door-to–door and, street–by-street efforts. This training is most effective for organizations with an existing presence in the neighborhood or those seeking to build a presence. Training can be done for groups or individuals. The training will also include how to enhance communication skills among the business owners and neighbors they serve.To enhance the effectiveness of these outreach efforts, a survey will be provided to help gauge the willingness, eagerness and passion to serve from the individuals or groups chosen to conduct the outreach. This will help ensure maximum results and effective staff and/or volunteer management.

Program Implementation and Curriculum Development

My Rules, My Reality is available to help existing organization identify effective programs and curriculum to help the youth and families in the neighborhoods they serve.  The company can then help develop an implementation plan for the program that will create maximum impact based on the thoughts and visions of the organizations.

Urban and Inner City Marketing:
Every program should begin with a plan.  For those reaching out to urban and inner city neighborhoods, a specific marketing and outreach campaign must be identified, written down, followed, and evaluated.  MRMR provides step-by-step assistance to help organization develop a multi-pronged approach in conducting local marketing and outreach to youth and families.  We provide the best practices in the field to make sure the plan is specific to the target audience and community, includes innovative ideas, and, ultimately works. 

501 (C)(3) Preparation 

Logo and Website Design 

Board Development 

Organization and Company Capacity Building 

Strategic Planning 

Anger Management Training Parenting Classe