Genene Y. Stallworth is a Central Florida native who was born and reared in Sanford, FL. Being the daughter of two educators, she chose to become an educator in 1993 because she wanted to “give back” to the school system from which she received such a quality education. Ms. Stallworth’s teaching philosophy includes believing that every child can learn given a nurturing and stimulating environment. Given that setting and educators who care, any child can experience value added to their existing knowledge base.

Genene received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (with an emphasis on Accounting) from the University of Central Florida (U.C.F.) in 1988, and she completed coursed to earn her teaching certificate from this institution as well. She is a Lockheed Martin/U.C.F. Scholar who received her Master’s Degree in Middle School Mathematics in 2002. Ms. Stallworth traveled to Tallahassee, FL to serve on the Middle-School Item Writing and Response Analysis Team for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT), and she was a part of the Gridded Adjudication Team.

Genene Y. Stallworth currently possesses a Florida Middle-Grades Mathematics teaching certificate. She taught in the Seminole County Public School system for 18 years, and during that time, her teaching practice evolved into one where she empowered students to learn mathematical rules, steps, and processes through the vehicle of music. She taught high-school credit courses to middle school students, and not only did music-n-math cause them to develop a more positive attitude toward mathematics, but some of them were also inspired to write their own songs, raps or chants to retain vital information. Genene was the 2003 Teacher of the Year for Millennium Middle School (Sanford, FL), and she was responsible for mentoring other teachers and encouraging them to use more technology-rich lessons for our 21st-Century Learners.

Recently, Genene changed careers and began to work at her church, Calvary Temple of Praise (Sanford, FL) as the Church Administrator. Besides fulfilling her duties as a Church Administrator and other leadership responsibilities, Ms. Stallworth teaches foundational Bible Truths to parishioners.

She is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters, Amber, Terra, and Erin Pearson, and she enjoys spending time with them at their home in Winter Springs, FL


Genene Y. Stallworth

Toni Washington, affectionately known as “Ms. Toni” by the youth and as an “Inner City Guru” by her team and professional leaders alike, has been an advocate for youth development for over 20 years. In 1994, she served as a Lead Youth Counselor for the City of Orlando, Parks and Recreation Department, which lead to her creating Community Concepts Services, Inc. (C.C.S.I.) due to the lack of advocating for the youth in urban communities. Ms. Washington saw an immediate need of positive programming and mentors to intervene, inspire and instill hope in our urban youth.

As Executive Director of C.C.S.I., her responsibilities included (1) establishing trust among leaders of city government; (2) fundraising, planning, developing and implementing policies and procedures designed to stimulate neighborhood and community involvement; (3) physically soliciting door to door, street by street parental involvement and cohesion; (4) liaison between parents and social service agencies to provide necessary assistance in urban areas.

Ms. Washington is a certified State of Florida Guardian Ad Litem, a nationally certified ARISE Life Skills Master Trainer, a certified State of Florida Behavioral Health Technician and a Licensed Master Life Coach. She is currently the President and CEO of “My Rules...My Reality, Inc.” where she designs and implements her own curriculum geared towards parents, youth programs, child advocates and community leaders. Ms. Washington is also the Chief Visionary Officer of “Reaching Da Streetz, Inc.” a not for profit organization utilizing Ms. Washington’s strategic plan of bridging barriers for youth and family involvement. On a national level, Ms. Washington’s tireless community service efforts continue to be an impactful critical component in cultivating our youth toward academic excellence, self-empowerment, and a healthy lifestyle.

Sherry L. Whitehead is an Operations Manager with Mulligan Constructors, Inc. In this role, she manages all aspects of company operations, including
Administration, Human
Resources, Finance and Information Technology.
Before joining Mulligan Constructors, She also holds the position of Business Professor and Academic Advisor at Strayer University. Sherry worked for several years as an elementary school teacher in the private sector which led her to academic tutoring. Currently, Sherry helps inner-city youth to overcome academic struggles by offering tutoring in multiple subjects free of charge.

Ms. Whitehead holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Columbia College of Missouri with a dual major in Business Management and Human Resource Management and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Strayer University with a concentration in Management. She is currently an Education Doctoral Candidate at Nova Southeastern University, Fischler School of Education and Human Services. Her major doctoral concentration is in Organizational Leadership with a minor in Human Resources.

Ms. Whitehead is passionate about about today's youth and their education. Her background in education and business acumen and management provide the perfect foundation for her role as Executive Trainer with My Rules My Reality, Inc.

Sherry L.
Whitehead, M.B.A.