We began as Community Concepts Services, Inc. (CCSI) a non-profit organization in 2003. In 2005, CCSI contracted with the City of Orlando, Florida’s Parramore Kidz Zone Project and began spearheading strategic grassroot marketing outreach efforts within the city’s most disadvantaged and deprived neighborhood. CCSI became notable for its unconventional and innovative approaches to street marketing techniques and training workshops created to build communities.

Due to the nationwide increase for training and services CCSI transitioned into My Rules My Reality, Inc. (MRMR) in 2011 with the purpose of providing a structured framework for comprehensive training, program development and educating community based programs, companies and organizations. It is MRMR’s belief that efficient and interactive workshops and seminars of direct contact staff are key components to any successful campaign.

MRMR recognizes that whether you are a Fortune 500 company, school, church, municipality or a Community Based Start-up Program (CBSP) effective training and development is necessary. We believe training, and a comprehensive marketing strategy will allow an organization to concentrate its resources on the greatest opportunities, which are families and the communities we endeavor to serve.